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Community Yard Sale

Our Map is available here.

330 Montana Ave

560 Colorado Ave

975 Montana Ave

4 Braaten Place

339 Speedway

656 Utah Ave

315 Minnesota Ave

546 Speedway

1081 Anglers Bend Way

4430 MT Highway 200 East

It’s that time of year again. We had such success last year, and great feedback about our yard sale extravaganza, that we’re doing it again. This year, we have a few tips for you to make it even better than it was last year.

1. Email us your address, by August 15th, so we have adequate time to broadcast it. We’re making another map! This map can be accessed by everyone that “sails” through East Missoula on August 27th. We will have a link they can click, just like last year, and they’ll have a handy map on their device, ensuring they don’t miss a single sale.

2. We need you to add your own address to Craigslist. We would do it for you, but by doing it yourself you can add photos and descriptions of what you’re offering. As seasoned yard-salers would concur, this is appreciated, it will draw more traffic to your sale. If you don’t do this step, that’s okay, you’ll still be on the map, but we promise it will help bring the crowd.

3. If you are a Facebook User, feel free to add your sale to Facebook as well. We’ll publish our map on the East Missoula United FB page, feel free to share the map link in any/all of your listings.

4. We have sign making supplies you can pick up. We’ll have them available at an East Missoula location. Posterboard, an EMU head (so everyone knows you’re part of the club) and instructions on how to add your address and yard sale deets to Craigslist. We will email you the location you can pick up your supplies, after we get your address. We’ll make sure you have enough time to make your sign. Or, join us for our collaborative sign making event (see #5).

5. We’re hosting a sign making event at the Lion’s Park Pavilion, in case you’d rather not make your signs on your own. This evening of sign design will happen on the Thursday before our big event. August 25th, at 7pm. We’ll have paints, brushes and other supplies available for your use. This is not a required event, but we thought it might be helpful for those of you that might not have all of these supplies on hand.

6. Be sure you hang up your signs the night before the big community sale! Do this August 26th! This will draw traffic from Hwy 200 into our neighborhoods, to gather your treasures.

Here are the instructions for uploading your sale to Craigslist Missoula.

1. Follow this link =>

2. Click on “create a posting” in the upper lefthand corner of the page.

3. Select: “for sale by owner.”

4. Select: “garage & moving sales.”

5. Fill in the fields with your individual information. East Missoula United will have a posting as well, with a link to our map.

2022 Yard Sale Flyer