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Yard Sale Map!

Hey Neighbors & Visitors,

Here is an active map of the sales that will be happening in East Missoula Saturday (Sept 11th) and Sunday (Sept 12th). You may have to download the Yard Sale Treasure Map application to get the most out of this map, but you should be able to access it on Google Maps, if you’d rather not. If you’re in need a paper map please visit our friends at Habitat Restore on Hwy 200 (across from the Reno Cafe). We will post one on the door for you to take a photo of, with your phone. We also hope to have a list of addresses for all of the participants to share with treasure hunters at each of the addresses on the map.

If you’re tooling about East Missoula looking for sales, look for the infamous EMU. And, if you’re simply looking for a list of participants you’ll find it below.

We hope to make this an annual event and would love to have help with advertising and organizing next year. Would you like to be on the committee? Contact us if you are interested.

Happy Treasure Hunting!

Feel free to print me for your home made yard sale sign.


4135 Placer Lane, Missoula, MT 59802

817 Speedway Avenue

560 Colorado Ave

25 Canyon View Drive

Habitat ReStore! 3655 MT-200 East

720 Speedway

4225 Placer Lane

224 Sommers Street

756 Montana

220 Clyde

315 Minnesota

3972 Highway 200 East

428 Speedway

404 Speedway

28 Canyonview Drive

711 Speedway

2 Canyon View Drive

364 Colorado Ave

630 Angels Court

205 ½ Speedway

750 Dakota

975 Montana

859 Cheyenne Lane