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Earth Day 2023

Join us on April 22nd 9am-4pm for our annual event (no early birds or drop offs after 4pm PLEASE). We’re excited to announce that we applied for a Micro Grant through the Rural Grant Program via Missoula County and we have secured funds to help us host our event! Thank you for selecting us!!

And, a big thank you to Republic Services and Pacific Recycling for your continued support of this event. This wouldn’t happen without you.

Volunteer Opportunities

This event takes a LOT of volunteers, and we promise, it is a FUN day!

These are the tasks we need fulfilled:

1. Posters/Flyers/Signage – we need a few people to disperse posters to local East Missoula Businesses. We want our neighbors to know about this event, can you help us spread the word?

2. Truck/Trailer Pick Ups – We often have neighbors that need a bit of help moving items from their homes or from alleys. Do you have a truck (maybe even a trailer) and some muscle you could lend to our cause for a few hours? We’ll team you up with neighbors in need.

2. Onsite directing traffic and greeting our neighbors. We can set up shifts.

3. Unloading cars/trucks as they pull through. We often need helpers to speed this process up. We’ll have some extra gloves and vests on hand for those of you that are able to provide a shift of unloading. This is the BIGGEST JOB we need fulfilled!

4. Runner – things come up during the day where we may need help running a quick errand. Do you like errands? Maybe you can pick up our donuts/coffee?

Event Details

If you’re not able to volunteer, we still hope you’re able to take advantage of this service that East Missoula United works hard to put on for our neighbors. We also hope you don’t take advantage of this volunteer-run event. There are a few people that work EXTRA hard to make this happen and last year we had someone drop garbage after hours, after the dumpsters had already been removed from the site. Please don’t be this person! One of our volunteers had to make a trip to the dump with a full pick-up truck. 🙁

The Nitty Gritty

This is where you’ll find a complete list of items we can and absolutely cannot accept at our event. Message us if you have any further questions.


We will only accept refuse during the business hours listed above. If our containers fill before 4pm, we may have to turn you away. We apologize for any inconvenience. 9am is our open time, and not before. We will have the area roped off to avoid early-birds. Remember, this event is run entirely by volunteers, so we help during those hours and not before.

What we can take off your hands:

Here is what we WILL and WON’T take: We’ll have a metal recycling bin from Pacific Recycling available, but the bin is strictly for the items listed in the document below. We cannot take your entire car, so please arrange for pick up of that elsewhere. Montana Public Radio has a program where they’ll pick up your vehicles, so reach out to them for more details.

Recycling Details:

Here is the Pacific Recycling Guide. Please review before bringing your recycling.

We cannot recycle any containers that are closed, the pressure within can be very dangerous. Please read the detailed document above to learn what we can accept.

If you have cardboard or paper you’d like to recycle please visit Pacific Recycling, they have bins outside (*always open*) for the public to recycle.

Garbage Details:

We will have THREE 20 yard dumpsters on site at Burnich. We want to fill them up, but once they are full, we cannot take anything else. So, bring us your garbage!

Acceptable Garbage

Yard Waste:

We encourage you to take your organic yard waste to Garden City Compost. They have a free drop off ALL Day on Earth Day – April 22nd! We can give you further directions at Burnich, if you happen to pull through the lot. Review their website to see what they accept.

Hazardous Waste:

We cannot accept hazardous waste. Please visit the Missoula County Health Department for details on disposal of Hazardous Waste. It sounds like there are plans to open a permanent facility. Fingers crossed that happens soon.

Drive In Directions:

You MUST enter the parking lot from Minnesota Avenue, NOT Hwy 200. We cannot create a hazard in the middle of that busy highway, so please enter using the map below.

Thank you for all of your cooperation! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, April 22nd. Happy Earth Month!

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