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No More Storage Units

You might remember the first project we worked on in October of 2020. The County Commissioners met to make a decision on some new zoning in the Ole’s parking lot. Ole’s is right in the center of our small community. There are residents facing that lot and we already have too many storage units out here. Our community didn’t want more.

We took action spreading the word throughout our community to stop this zoning from being passed. A petition was created, a FB page for an extra element of communication and our core group of action takers formed.

East Missoulians united and were able to collaborate with the masses in our community and have a profound impact at the Commissioners’ meeting. The commissioners decided to deny the zoning request. We had a win in the midst of a pandemic and election season where things were feeling bleak.

We have big dreams for our community and uniting everyone. We’re doing it as East Missoula United. Join us!

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I welcome this opportunity to share my opinion on what would best serve our East Missoula Community on the Ole’s lot. The East Missoula Volunteer Fire Department is one of the best in the state. Unfortunately the fire station is on property that is best suited for residential or commercial use as apartments, storage etc. The fire department has tried for a long time to get the State to allow them to put warning lights/ signs on Highway 10 to warn oncoming traffic of the possibility they could be on an emergency call and be rushing entrance onto the highway. Neither the County or the State has offered to remedy the situation. Moving our Fire department would be an excellent use for the property. A community center could be constructed near for use with a variety of options and a fee could be paid for its use.. Perhaps a developer would be interested in a property swap and we could apply for grants, etc to obtain the property and build the new additions. What do you think? It would definitely allow our Fire Department easy access to do their job and get their lights and sirens out of the residential area.
I serve as a board member for the East Missoula Volunteer Fire Department and know our Community would be well served by such a project.

Thank You,
Cynthia Winchell

That is a good idea!
Wonder what the possibilities would be to swap places. A small, neighborhood co-op store in the EMRVFD spot and a proper station for our fire department and a community center.
We don’t know who has purchased or has the pending purchase on the Ole’s lot but….man, that would be a good use.

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